Home Visits

baby-baby-with-mom-mother-kiss-tenderness-67663North Central Public Health District offers several home visiting programs where public health nurses and Community Health Workers (CHWs) will visit you and your baby in your home to offer support and answer questions.

Through our Maternity Case Management (MCM) program, nurses and CHWs visit you in your home to support your pregnancy.

Babies First! is a program for families with babies and young children up to age 5. Nurses and CHWs will visit you and your family to make sure your baby is healthy and growing.

CaCoon (CAre COordinatiON) is a service for families with children from birth to 21 who have a chronic health condition or disability. Public health nurses and CHWs are specially trained to care for children with special needs.

Home Visit Connections is a referral network for community partners who provide home visits to pregnant women, young children, and children birth to 21 with a disability.

If you are pregnant or a parent of a young child or a child with a disability and would like to receive home visits from one of the above health department programs, please contact North Central Public Health District at 541-506-2600.

Check out text4baby: a free app that gives you health, safety, and fun tips just for you and your baby! 

Join Vroom: the online tool that helps nurture your child’s growing mind.


  • Call 541-506-2600 and ask to speak to a nurse about Home Visits.