WIC Eligibility

 You are eligible for WIC if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Oregon resident
  • Household income less than 185% of federal poverty guidelines
  • Nutritional need or risk
  • Currently pregnant
  • Just given birth
  • Mother who is breast feeding
  • Have an infant or child under the age of 5
  • Father, guardian, or foster parent of an eligible infant or child under the age of 5

As a WIC participant you are responsible for/to:

  • Bring proof of identity, address, and all income for the entire household each time you are screened or certified for the WIC program.
  • Bring your WIC ID card to all WIC related activities (appts, follow ups, to pick up vouchers, etc.).
  • Keep your appointments or call the clinic if you cannot make it. If appointments are not kept, WIC services may be delayed or stopped.
  • Attend nutrition education activities like classes or, in certain circumstances, individual appointments to learn about good nutrition.
  • Reapply for WIC benefits at the end of each certification period.