Birth Control Information

  • Getting starting on birth control does not need to be difficult or scary. There are lots of options and NCPHD has knowledgeable staff who can help you with your decision.

    When you come in for an appointment, we will review your medical history and discuss all birth control options that are available. Once you decide which method is best for you, the nurse will instruct you how to correctly use your method.

    You will be instructed on safer sex practices to reduce your risk for sexually transmitted infections (STD) and unplanned pregnancy. We may recommend STD screening at your visit.

    Note: Nexplanon and IUDs are placed by our clinician which generally requires a scheduled appointment. The nurse can assist you with arranging that appointment.

  • What to consider about birth control & your appointment

    • We have interpreters for non-English speaking clients.
    • You do NOT need a physical exam in order to start birth control.
    • Teens do NOT need a parent’s consent to visit our clinic.
    • Everything you share with us will be kept private unless confidentiality violates state law.

    Involve your partner in your birth control decision

    • Tell your partner your concerns and feelings about the risk of pregnancy.
    • Bring your partner with you to the clinic so both of you can talk about birth control options and have your questions answered. As a couple, make plans to pay for the cost of birth control services together.
    • No matter which birth control method you choose, talk to your partner about using condoms to protect both of you from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.