Prenatal Care

  • North Central Public Health District has several programs that provide services to families in our area.

    One important focus of these programs is connecting families to early prenatal (pregnancy) care. Prenatal care is important because, by seeing you regularly, your health care provider has the chance to find problems that can be treated or prevented.

    Many studies have shown that early and regular prenatal care is important for the health of both mothers and their babies. Although we do not offer prenatal care in our office, we do offer you the following assistance in accessing care in our local area.

    Oregon Mother’s Care is a program that assists women in accessing early prenatal care. It was created to:

    • Answer any questions you might have about accessing local prenatal care.
    • Assist in completing Cover Oregon/Oregon Health Plan applications
    • Help clients enter into prenatal care
    • Help with follow up issues

    If you would like to participate in Oregon Mother’s Care, please contact our Community Health Worker 541-506-2620 or email for an appointment.

    To make an appointment for prenatal care in our local area please call Columbia River Women’s Center 541-296-5657 or One Community Health 541-296-4610. In addition there are many prenatal providers in Hood River and you can get a current list from Providence Hood River Hospital 541-386-3911 or 800-955-3911.