Welcome to the North Central Public Health District (NCPHD) Website, serving residents of Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam Counties.

  • Our Vision

    We strive so that one day all people will live in a safe environment free from fear of preventable diseases; that all businesses, organizations and individuals will have access to health information and have the desire to promote and be responsible for a healthy lifestyle for themselves and each other.

    NCPHD is responsible for enforcement and administration of public and environmental health laws of federal, state, and county government. We conduct activities necessary for the preservation of health, prevention of disease, and protection of the public. We do this by following the three core public health functions:

    • Assessment
    • Monitoring
    • Policy Development

    Los cambios recientes a la póliza federal de emigración no afectan sus beneficios o los programas que el Distrito de Salud del Norte Central ofrece. Expertos en Salud de la Autoridad de Salud de Oregon y el Distrito de Salud del Norte Central le anima a usted y su familia a continuar los servicios de salud que usted necesita. Nosotros estamos comprometidos a proteger su información de salud de usted y su familia. Nosotros queremos que usted y su familia estén saludables y se sientan bienvenidos y sentirse cómodo en continuar obteniendo servicios de saludo de salud como también otros servicios.

    The recent changes to Federal immigration policy do not affect your benefits or the programs available to you at North Central Public Health District. Health experts at the Oregon Health Authority and North Central Public Health encourage you and your family to continue to access the health services you need. We are committed to protecting your health information and your family’s. We want you and your family to stay healthy and feel welcome and comfortable in continue to obtain health services and other services.

    Community & Collaboration

    Annual Plan

    The 2011-2016 Community Health Assessment data for Gilliam, Sherman, and Wasco Counties is included in the current Annual  Plan.


    >> Download the PDF  to learn more




    Health District Data

    NCPHD is responsible for the collection of information on a range of health related issues.The information is collected to monitor the general health and well-being of Wasco, Sherman and Gilliam County citizens. These data are useful for health program development, targeting and evaluation of program progress. The information is used to identify emerging health issues and trends and can be made available for epidemiological research. Statistics are developed from the data collected to provide basic information on these health events.

    Climate Change

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    Walk- in Clinic Hours:
    Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

    Oregon Health Plan application assistance is available by appointment for current clients and pregnant women.

    The monthly walk-to-school day!


    Gorge Translink provides transportation to medical appointments in the Mid-Columbia River Gorge area. Call 541-296-7595 for Wasco County’s transportation services.

    Do you work in a commercial kitchen? All commercial food workers in Oregon must obtain a food handler’s card.


    Click here to learn about Drink Fit, the program to reduce sugary beverage consumption in Wasco, Sherman, & Gilliam Counties.